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Philadelphia Police Beneficiary Association

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Life insurance

Should anything happen to you on or off the job, the Philadelphia Police Beneficiary Association will ensure you're protected with various life insurance and personal accident policies.

Eligible members less than age 61

Personal accident insurance doesn't cover everything

Death resulting from war, bodily or mental infirmity or disease, infection, or travel in any moving aircraft, unless (a) the individual has no duties aboard the aircraft and is not giving or receiving training; and (b) the aircraft is a civilian aircraft licensed to carry passengers, or its military equivalent, and piloted by a qualified or licensed pilot or military equivalent.

Personal accident insurance

All other members



Eligible members less than age 61

Spouse of member

Member's unmarried children




*benefits will be paid if you or a covered dependent dies within 365 days of and as a result of an accident (on or off the job) while you or the dependent is insured.

Get weekly income protection with our benefits

In the event or occurrence of a disability, a weekly benefit of $100 will be paid to the eligible active member at the expiration of his or her accumulated leave. Benefits are paid for a period not to exceed 65 days during any 12-month period.


Successive disabilities separated by less than two weeks of full-time work will be considered one disability, unless the subsequent disability is due to a different cause and does not begin before full-time work. No more than 65 working days of benefits will be paid to any member during a 12-month period following the first disability payment.


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